In the Summertime

Meet the Owner of Wise Designs

Hi sticker enthusiasts and gift givers! My name is Carita Wise and I am the owner of Wise Designs LLC. So what made me decide to sell stickers?

Well.... after I starting planning, buying tons of stickers, then deciding I could make them myself, I realized that I actually collected stickers when I was younger. Ever heard of Lisa Frank?! Yup, I had a sticker book that I housed my collection. I also searched for every Tweety Bird sticker I could find. I was a Tweety Bird fanatic back in the day. Fast forward 30 years later and I picked up the habit again, not even realizing it.

I am also BIG on customization and personalization! Hello?! My name is Carita, how many times have you seen that name on a keychain at the store? Never! So, I wanted to create products that can be personal and custom for people like me that have unique names and ideas! If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to follow me and send me a message.